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Dr. Robin,

My back problems are chronic with a diagnosis of spinal stenosis.  When I have a flare-up affecting my sciatic nerve, the pain is severe causing an inability to sit, walk or lay down without pain.  Dr. Robin has successfully treated my condition twice; the first time being four years ago.  Due to work constraints, I was unable to complete the program by participating in the maintenance   sessions and I truly believe that led me to have the second bout of sciatica.  Her protocols are succinct and consistent.  The combination of traction, spinal decompression and laser treatments proved very successful in giving me a functional life back.  There was a time I became so depressed because I didn’t think the treatment was going to work this time and I was just getting old and this was how life was going to be now.  Dr. Robin never got discouraged and kept me in the game by constantly stating progress was coming.  As predicted the turn came and I’m so happy to say that I do relatively everything I did before without pain.  I’m realistic in that someone 64 years of age will experiences aches and pains from time to time, but this is tolerable.  With spinal stenosis I will always be at risk in developing flare-ups, but I’m confident that Dr. Robin will always be there for me and keep me going.  Gayle, her staff, is also remarkable.  She is such a compliment to the work Dr. Robin does and between the two of them, it is so easy to remain diligent and get better.  Thank you ladies for giving me my life back.  You are angels in my book.
Debbie Harader 1/13/2014 

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